La Habra’s Licensed Electrician Expert in Home Rewiring

When you decide to buy an older home in La Habra, you have a lot of things to consider. You know that older La Habra homes need more love and attention that newer homes. One of the things you need to consider is a complete house rewire to get rid of the older residential wiring behind the walls. It’s something you want to get done fast when you buy your new home and you need to call My La Habra Electrician Hero for the best licensed electrician in La Habra, CA.

Why Call You?

We have been in the La Habra area for more than 30 years. We are the only affordable and qualified electrical contractor who is expert at doing a home rewiring. We can remove all of the old residential wiring and replace it with new wiring and new electrical sockets. Get rid of two-hole sockets and replace it with three-hole, grounded, sockets. Get rid of aluminum wiring, cloth-wrapped Romex wiring and knob and tube wiring, as well.

Why Is It Needed?

That old wiring is just not up the task of running a modern appliance, modern TVs, computers and other electronics. Those devices require more power than that older wiring was designed to carry. Putting modern day demands on old wiring risks a fire starting behind the walls of your La Habra home.

How much work is involved?

It’s not easy to do a house rewire, that’s for sure, but our honest, friendly and knowledgeable electricians know how to do it without ruining your life. We can go a room at a time and drill small holes in the wall to remove and replace the wiring. What that means for you is that we don’t have to shut off the power inside your entire La Habra house and we don’t have to tear down the walls.

What do we do now?

Call us! Tell us you need residential rewiring in La Habra, CA, and we’ll get someone out there to do a free estimate. Then we can tell you the costs and time involved in the project. Call us today!