Power Surges and Surge Protection

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Almost every person at one time or another has experienced a power surge. What may seem like only an annoyance is actually a serious problem. When power surges occur, it means that the standard designated flow of electricity (120 volts) has increased substantially. It also means that the wiring is overheating and could start to burn. Power surges are not something that you want to occur frequently at your home or business because your expensive appliances, computers, and other equipment are at risk of being damaged. Even if the power surge doesn’t destroy a piece of equipment, it can affect its performance.

How to Prevent Power Surges

Homes and businesses can prevent power surges by reducing the number of heavy duty electrical devices operating on individual circuits. Businesses that use a lot of computer equipment can further protect their property by installing dedicated computer circuits.

Other ways to protect your home or business from power surges is to have regular electrical safety inspections. Problems like faulty wiring and incorrectly installed electrical components can put stress on the system.

Also, make sure that the utility company services transformers, utility lines, and other components. If you suspect there is a problem with your electricity because of an issue that should be the responsibility of your electric company, get in touch with them right away.

Tips for Buying Surge Protectors

Standard household outlets can get by with basic surge protectors. We recommend that you purchase one that has an indicator light so you always know it is working correctly. Other features that you’ll want to think about when buying surge protectors include:

  • GFCI Protection
  • Automatic Warning Devices
  • 3-Line Protection
  • Power Shut Down Protection
  • Warranties

A combination of all these features will provide you with the best protection. Also look for specialized surge protectors to protect all your USB devices, cable lines, and phone-line input jack for landline phones.

About Surge Protector Ratings

All standard surge protection devices come with three separate ratings: the clamping voltage rating, the energy absorption/dissipation rating, and a response time rating. Let’s take a quick look at what each of these means for you.

Clamping voltage: There are three approved ratings that are acceptable for standard protection: 330 V, 400 V, and 500 V. The lower the rating, the better.

Energy absorption/dissipation: When examining these ratings, you want a larger number. A higher number means the device can absorb that must excess electricity before it fails. Surge protectors with 600 joules or more are ideal.

Response time: The longer it takes for a device to respond, the greater risk that your equipment could be compromised by a power surge. Look for surge protection with a response time of less than a nanosecond.

Consider a Whole House Surge Protection System

Although standard surge protectors can protect individual equipment, there is a better option. Instead of spending money on multiple outlet surge suppressors, consider whole house surge protection. This system protects your equipment no matter what outlet they are plugged into eliminating the need for power strips or using them only as backups.

The best whole house surge protection is hard-wired into your home’s main electrical panel by a license electrician. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, give us a call at your earliest convenience. Whole house surge protection can protect your home’s delicate, expensive equipment from power spikes, lightning strikes, and more.

My La Habra Electrician Hero is available 24-hours a day to assist you with all your routine and emergency electric repair services.

How to Use Track and Accent Lighting

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Our goal at My La Habra Electrician Hero is to help our residential customers find new and exciting ways to use lighting to showcase their homes. With customized lighting design, you can highlight unique architectural features in your home and accent your home’s personality. Do you have areas of the home you’d rather not put on display? Customized lights and lighting can help you hide those areas too. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with the lighting in your home, you can count on our unrivaled electricians to help you succeed.

Tips for Accent and Track Lighting Installation

Not sure where accent and track lighting would benefit you? Our lighting experts can help! We work with homes of all sizes and styles. You don’t have to live in a 3,000-square foot home to install specialty lighting. In fact, customized lighting is ideal for small homes because it can make rooms appear larger and add a luxurious feel.

Below are just a few examples of how our customers have used track and accent lighting:

  • Cabinet lighting
  • Display cases
  • Highlight artwork
  • Task lighting
  • Outdoors to showcase landscaping
  • Swimming pools
  • Work areas in craft rooms, workshops, and laundry rooms
  • Reading nooks

Our customized lighting options are designed to help you create soft lighting and define separate areas in open-concept living spaces. Whether you want traditional accent and track lighting installation or you’re interested in specialty lighting to add artistic flair to your home (using colored bulbs, wall washing, etc.), our versatile licensed, bonded, and insured electricians are on it.

Don’t settle for boring lighting. Take your home to the next level. Call My La Habra Electrician Hero at your earliest convenience to schedule and a consultation. We’ll send a certified electrician and lighting design specialist to your home to go over all your options. All our customize lighting services are guaranteed to make you smile!

Benefits of Power Consumption Meters

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Reducing energy consumption is the number one way to save money on electricity bills. Many people want to actively cut back on the amount of energy they use, but it’s hard to do this when they don’t know how much energy is being used. Power consumption meters can eliminate the guesswork. The electricians at My La Habra Electrician Hero help homeowners install these money-saving devices every day.

If you’re looking for ways to decrease the amount of energy you generate, consider adding a whole house electricity usage monitor to your home. Homeowners who install this device are privy to the following benefits:

  • Decreased power consumption
  • Cheaper electric bills
  • Contributing to a better Earth

In the United States, our energy consumption is increasing daily. With new technology always on the horizon, the need for energy is never ending. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to keep our energy usage in check. At My La Habra Electrician Hero, we work with concerned homeowners every day to find ways to enjoy their electronic devices while lessening their carbon footprint.

An Affordable Energy-Saving Solutions

Power consumption meters are inexpensive devices designed to monitor energy usage while at home and when you’re away. These meters can be set to turn off lights, switch off televisions, or other devices that draw energy when you’re not home. They are great for every day usage as well as for when you’re away for an extended period.

To find out more information about how to install a power consumption meter in your home, call My La Habra Electrician Hero today. We’ll get a licensed electrician to your home right away to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. The sooner you have a household power monitor installed, the sooner you’ll start saving money!

Our electricians are certified to work on all types of residential homes and commercial properties. We’re the #1 provider of electrical repair and replacement services in La Habra. Call today to learn more!

How You Can Benefit from Home Generator Services

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Are you prepared if you lose power to your home? Houses in La Mirada without a home generator may find themselves without power for an indefinite amount of time. If this happens to you, what will happen to your food? How will you manage everyday living? Short periods of time without electricity is not a big deal. It’s when electricity is lost for days that problems can escalate. Keep reading to learn more about how our home generator services can help you in an electrical emergency!

Why Do I Need a Home Generator?

It’s important that people can meet their basic needs when power is lost. Homes with whole-house generators can continue normal operation of appliances like freezers, sump pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners furnaces, and more.

A generator can come in handy in many situations including:

  • Blackouts (when the demand for energy is too high for utility companies to meet)
  • Inclement weather events such as lightning, heavy winds, thunderstorms
  • Natural disasters like flooding, forest fires, and earthquakes
  • Auto accidents (many times these accidents hit electrical poles or boxes resulting in several hours of no power)

How Does a Home Generator Work?

Generators create mechanical energy. These amazing machines do this by converting natural gas, gasoline, and even diesel fuel into electrical power. The conversion process is aided by a strong recharging battery. Generators work a lot like the engine in your vehicle.

Types of Home Generators

There are two kinds of residential home generators each with their own benefits. For most households, a portable generator in the most cost-effective option for basic needs. If you want a generator that delivers enough power for all your home’s electrical needs, consider purchasing a stationary or standby generator. Keep reading for basic information about each of your options:

Portable Home Generators

  • Great for homes experiencing short-term power outages
  • Able to power only a few appliances at once time
  • Cost-effective at $500 – $1500 for most models

Cons: Portable home generators can increase the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning. Ask your local electrician how and where to operate the generator to decrease this risk.

Stationary/Standby Generators

  • Able to manage all residential electrical needs
  • Turn on automatically when power is lost
  • Carbon monoxide risk is lower
  • Powered by propane or natural gas

Cons: Buying a stationary/standby generator is going to set you back $5,000 – $15,000. It’s not a cheap option, but it can keep a business or home running for several days or more in the event of a natural disaster that prevents power from being restored right away.

Call for Professional Electrical Service

The key to getting the biggest bang for your buck is to choose a generator that is the right size for your needs. The licensed electricians at My La Mirada Electrician Hero can help you evaluate what those needs are and make recommendations for home generator purchase. Buying a generator that is too small can cause the machine to become overloaded at startup and fail. On the flipside, buying a generator that is too large can be a waste of money and energy.

My La Mirada Electrician Hero has the knowledge to help you purchase and setup a portable or stationary generator. Give us a call today to speak with a trained specialist!

Lighting Choices for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Almost every indoor space needs some kind of lighting, and illuminating those spaces has never been as easy or as stylish as it is in today’s market. Advances in lighting technology make it possible to illuminate nearly any space you can think of even if there isn’t an outlet and without breaking the bank. These days the words cost-effective and stylish can go hand in hand in both residential and commercial spaces.

Residential Lighting

The biggest advancement in residential lighting is bulb efficiency. The newer bulbs use less energy to provide the same amount of light and last longer than traditional bulbs. While getting more for your money when it comes to bulbs is great, it isn’t very exciting. The excitement lies is the new lighting fixtures that are available for homeowners.

Residential lighting falls into two categories:

Task lighting: This kind of lighting provides extra light for tasks such as reading and cooking. A desk lamp is a perfect example of task lighting. One of the latest trends in the kitchen is under cabinet lights that provide extra lighting for the cook. Pendant lights are another trend in kitchen lights.

General lighting: As its name implies, general lighting is used to illuminate a room. An overhead lamp is an example of general lighting as is recessed lighting.

Commercial Lighting

Years ago, commercial lighting was limited to overhead lights with fluorescent bulbs that gave everything a green glow. These days there is a lighting revolution going on in many businesses and factories because of the new LED technology. LED bulbs provide more light than their fluorescent cousins. They also use far less energy and last about four times longer than traditional bulbs. Also, because the bulbs are about the size of a traditional bulb, newer and fancier fixtures can be used to liven up a work area. These fancier features have made businesses feel more homey and comfy, which can lead to better productivity because the space doesn’t feel so institutionalized. In factories and warehouses, these bulbs are used in conjunction with large reflectors that spread the light out, while still keeping energy costs low.

Outdoor Lighting

Another aspect of the new technologies in bulbs and fixtures is the change in landscape and even business signage. In residential settings, the low voltage wiring is almost easy enough to work with that a homeowner can install their own lights. Solar technology has become a refined and cost-effective alternative to low voltage lighting. The solar panels charge the batteries so the fixtures can be placed almost anywhere in the yard that receives direct sunlight at some point throughout the day. If you want mood lighting in your landscaping, consider LED outdoor lights for this effect. Exterior lights can also be task oriented or general lighting. Spotlights around a business aid in the security of the building by limiting dark spots to for burglars to hide. The same lights can also be used in a residential setting to ward off burglars.

In our 24-hour world, lights are an essential part of any home or business. Many home remodel projects focus not just on colors or fabrics, but how the light will play in the room and what style of fixture works best to use.

Need help choosing and installing lighting in your home or business? Give My La Habra Electrician Hero a call today. Our electrical repair and replacement services in La Habra are reasonably priced and available at your convenience.



Common Household Electrical Repairs Electricians Address

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Electricity is the lifeblood that keeps everything running in a household. While electricity may keep your tablets charged and your televisions running, when something goes wrong who do you call? Handling electrical problems on your own is never a good idea. Homeowners who attempt to repair electrical problems are exposing themselves to dangerous situations. Electrical repairs in La Habra require the expertise of trained electricians with years of practice and knowledge.

Blown Circuits

One of the most common problems is loss of power to an outlet or fixture. Every home has a control box where the power comes in and is distributed to different circuits in the home. Older homes use fuses that have to be replaced when they blow. Newer homes have a circuit breaker that stops the flow of electricity when it gets overloaded. Each breaker or fuse is tagged with a maximum amount of power it will let flow through.

So, what’s the problem?

Many rooms do not have enough outlets to handle all the electrical devices that need power. To compensate for lack of outlets people use extension cords and load up one outlet with TVs, DVD players, computers, and electronic devices. Alone each item is only drawing a little power, but when you add more and more components this can blow the circuit or damage the outlet. If this happens an electrician should be called to address the overloaded circuit.

Intermittent Power

Another common problem is intermittent power, whether at the source or in a fixture. This situation is usually caused by bad wiring. Many times the wires were not secure and have moved just enough to loosen the connection. When this happens power is not transferred from one line to the next and the power seems to fade. The problem could be caused by a frayed wire that was damaged during installation and is now coming into contact with some kind of metal. This can become a treacherous situation that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Electrical Surges

With all the high-end entertainment devices in today’s homes, a power surge protector should be mandatory with any new purchase. But, few people understand what they are for. A power surge is an increase in the power flowing through the house. Problems with the electrical supply from the power company can spike and cause a sudden increase in power. Lightning storms can also create this surge of energy. This increased energy can create circuit overload and cause damage to any appliance or entertainment device that is plugged into a regular wall socket. When you purchase a surge protector and plug your device into it, you are protecting your investments from being damaged by infrequent, but powerful electrical surges.

Although electricity has been around for many, many decades, it can still be a mystery and something that most households take advantage of. Electricity is a powerful force and while it may not seem like a big deal to fix a broken circuit or change your home’s wiring it is. This is why all electrical repairs should be completed by professionals.

When you need professional electrical repair or replacement services in La Habra, call My La Habra Electrician Hero! We’re available 24/7 and always guarantee our work.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Local La Habra Electrician

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Electricians help homeowners every single day with simple electrical repairs and complex new installations. Hiring a licensed electrician in La Habra benefits homeowners in many, many ways. All it takes is one mistake from an amateur repair to send a home up in flames due to an electrical fire. If you’re on the fence about hiring an electrician to help you with a home electrical need, consider the following benefits.

Google Search Has Nothing on a Licensed Electrician

If you’re online searching for how-to videos, stop right now. How-to videos cannot replace the skills and knowledge of certified electricians. While the person on that video may make it look easy to install new wiring, the truth is that electricity is complex. It requires the expertise of individuals with years of experience, the proper tools, and correct training.

All Work Is Backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What happens if your neighbor installs a lighting fixture in your kitchen and the next day it starts sparking? Nothing. That’s right. Absolutely nothing. Your neighbor’s work doesn’t come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but a professional electrician’s work does. If there is a problem, we’ll fix it and stay on the job until everything is to your satisfaction.

You Won’t Have to Worry about Safety Issues

When a certified electrician works on your home’s electricity, you can feel confident that everything will be done correctly and safely. Turning on lights, running an appliance, and anything else that requires electricity will go smoothly and you know your home won’t be at the risk of developing an electrical fire.

Many people put off calling for professional repair services because they’re fearful of the cost. At La Habra Electrician Hero, we price our services to fit nearly every budget. From affordable 24-hour emergency repair service to unbeatable prices on home wiring installation, our goal is to make professional service accessible to everyone.

To learn more about the benefits of professional electrical repair service, call us today!

How Electricians Keep You Safe

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Electricians in La Habra work hard day in and day out providing residents with services to help them enjoy the conveniences of modern day living. If you are renovating your home, having a problem with energy surges, or need to upgrade your home’s main electrical panel, an electrician can help. Keep reading to find out ways these service professionals can make your life easier.

Install New Outlets

Today’s technology requires households to be plugged in nearly 24/7. This means that you may have more electronics than you have outlets to support. If you’ve been compensating for your shortage of outlets by using extension cords or power strips, you could be putting your property and family at risk. Your handy, neighborhood electrician can assist you with installing additional outlets in places where you need them in a safe manner.

One of the most popular services offered by residential electricians is GFI outlet installation. Older homes, especially those built before mid-20th century; do not have the capabilities to accommodate high electrical usage. What does this mean exactly? It means that is can be harder to plug in Christmas lights or a new appliance without blowing a fuse. It can also mean that your home is at greater risk for electrical fires. GFI outlet installation helps older homes, and even new homes, adapt to the increasing demand for electricity.

Power Generators

When wintertime approaches, New York isn’t immune to major snowstorms. And, what usually accompanies a big winter storm in the city? That’s right. Power outages. Even during the heat of summer you can experience storms that wipe out power for several hours or more.

Power outages are more than inconvenient. They can be costly. Households can lose food because the refrigerator or freezer stops working. If you work from home, you won’t be able to access your computer and other components of your home office that you need to be productive and make money. Power outages can also make it difficult to bath and do laundry. The truth is that most people don’t realize how much they depend on electricity until they don’t have that luxury at the flip of a switch.

Electricians can help households purchase and install power generators. These miracle machines sustain your power, while the utility companies work to get your electricity up and running again. A professional can help you choose a unit that will meet your household needs and make sure you don’t waste your money on a unit that is too big or too small for your energy needs.

Household Inspections

Electrical fires are responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the United States. Many times these fires could have been prevented. If you’ve been concerned about power surges, blown circuits, or you have exposed wiring, you need to contact a professional right away to inspect the problem. Electrical problems never correct themselves and they shouldn’t be ignored. Hiring an electrician to annually inspect your property for signs of electrical problems will give you peace of mind and safeguard you from tragedy. Electricians not only inspect electrical components like outlets, main electrical panels, and GFI outlets, but they can also make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and working correctly.

Too many people die of smoke inhalation every year because their smoke alarms are not connected correctly. Don’t be a statistic. Consult with a professional to ensure that your smoke alarms are properly wired and working effectively. If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your home’s electrical system, call one of the city’s best electricians, My La Habra Electrician Hero, right away.